Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Pleasures brought to you by my youngest son, "The Ewok"

Remember your youth? Yeah, me either. Well, I remember snippets of it. One small, yet very important memory consists of hours of creativity all thanks to the joys of Play-Doh. You remember that stuff. If you don't, take a whiff of it sometime and I guarantee that you will be whisked back to your younger years.

I purchased my son's first "kit" consisting of 4 vivid colored cups of the smooshy stuff along with "scissors," "cookie cutters" of varying shapes and a vice with an accompanying shape attachment that makes "worms" when pushed through. It's been the first toy I've given him that has actually held his attention for more than 5 minutes. I have to admit that it's the best $9.97 I've spent at Wal-Mart in a VERY long time.

I am listening to him rattle on and on in his "Ewok" talk. This is what my Mommy Friend "ER Nurse" calls it. She's right. He sounds like an Ewok on a verbal tangent! Every tenth word or so I get an actual word. The phrase, "Don't touch it, mom" keeps being repeated. I'm not sure why. I guess he hears me say it so often he has to repeat it.

We'll see how long this joy of his lasts. Even if it's at an end, I'm happy that he had some moments of pure joy. A lot can be learned from children. In fact, I'm off to color in my Harry Potter coloring book with a box of brand new, sharp Crayola's and NO, I'm not sharing!

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